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The newly single star captioned the shot: '❤️Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn't mean your journey is done........

#Another Wasted Saturday #Life From The Side Lines #Spoonie #Lyme Disease Awereness #Determined To Find ACure #Affordable For All PS: Bad Selfie Day.'‘I feel that Yolanda’s posts on Instagram can be confusing, because one minute she’s in a hospital bed with needles in her arm and the next she’s on a yacht looking like she’s having a great time,’ said Lisa.

Mic’em and follow’em with a camera as they slice ‘n dice one another in a series of exaggerated “cat fights” over the most inconsequential of socio-cultural non-issues. Blondie and I admit to a several years long addiction to RH Of Beverly Hills.

They range in age from late 20s to “she’s had A LOT of work done”…. It is not anything we are proud of but admitting an addiction is Step One to kicking it.

However, the series has been criticized for appearing to fabricate portions of its storyline.

As of February 2014, it was the highest-rated installment of The Real Housewives franchise and the most-watched series airing on Bravo.

This follows a report that suggested the original cast members may return to the hit Bravo reality show RHOA for the upcoming season 10.

However, Kim hinted to TMZ on Wednesday while departing from the LAX airport that she's holding out for a bigger pay check before making her official decision to join the ladies once again.'I'm motivated by money, definitely motivated by money,' the 38-year-old reality star said when asked if she had signed up yet to come back.

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On RHof BH, there is only one – Kyle’s husband Mauricio – who has the gumption to be teleported into Hope Mills or Siler City or Hickory and survive more than twenty minutes. According to Brandi, she got the cherished cover of the DCC Swimsuit calendar not once, but twice, during her 4-5 years as a DCC.Responding in a blog post after the show, Yolanda said several friends had reacted angrily, but she rose above it, claiming 'I am not enraged or affected anymore by what I have learned to see as human nature and the weak side of it'.'I do wonder though why these adult women sit around drinking wine in the afternoon debating another person’s health issues? 'As much as I wished they cared enough to learn and ask questions, I must blame it on and assume it's "ignorance".'David was seen on the phone to Lisa Vanderpump, joking rather cruelly: ‘Let’s just say this Ken [Lisa’s husband] has better t*ts than her now…bigger,’ he said to Lisa as Yolanda lay in her hospital bed next to him. And most of the time the The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star looks like her pinup self.The blonde bombshell was also questioned as to who the 'bigger draw' was between her and Ne Ne, 49, when it came to viewership.Making a reference to her other Bravo show, Don't Be Tardy, Kim replied, 'I mean, having your own show for six seasons says something.' 'I think that Ne Ne has her own stuff going on and so do I,' she added.But on Saturday the mother of six was nearly unrecognizable in a closeup snap where she had flowers in her hair and big sunglasses on.

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